[Contact 800-986-6752] How to Fix Quickbooks error 80070057

[Contact 800-986-6752] How to Fix Quickbooks error 80070057

July 4, 2017 Quickbooks errors 3
quickbooks error 80070057

Quickbooks error 80070057 the parameter is incorrect

In some cases, while using the software Windows Operating System on your Windows XP or your Vista 7, 8, 10, you might face thousands of system errors in windows 7/8, Vista, XP or windows server and it is very common to get problematic message on your screen and sometimes one might get error number 80070057. The name of the error is quickbooks error 80070057.

CountriesToll-Free Number
Quickbooks error 80070057 support number USA800-864-4162
Quickbooks error 80070057 support number UK02 0786 26337
Quickbooks error 80070057 support number Australia0384004575
Quickbooks error 80070057 support number Canada800-864-4162
Quickbooks error 80070057 support number New Zealand800-449-076



These error messages can appear during program installation, while a Microsoft Corporation-related software program (eg. Windows Operating System) is running, during Windows startup or shutdown, or even during the installation of the Windows operating system. Keeping track of when and where your quickbooks error 80070057 occurs is a critical piece of information in analyzing and solving the problem.

There are several reasons why you can get this particular error code on your screen. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • When you are trying to Backup your files, You may get quickbooks error 80070057.
  • You can face quickbooks error 80070057 on your system while installing Windows 7 OS.
  • Damaged System Reserve Partition.
  • quickbooks error 80070057 can occur while Creating New Profile on MS Outlook.
  • You can also get the quickbooks error 80070057 while updating or installing pending updates especially on Windows 10.

It has been found out that this quickbooks error 80070057 is quite common in a multi-user environment where one user’s computer continues to log in as single user. This error then occurs when other computers try to log in.

You might experience other errors such as Error importing chart of accounts into quickbooksQuickbooks error code 6123.

The quickbooks error 80070057 can have many variations in its description. Here they are:

Variation 1

Error Code 80070057: “There was an unexpected error reported while trying to run QuickBooks” is an error that has multiple possible causes.

There are four known causes for this error. And they are:

  • Cause 1:your company file (.qbw) is damaged and you were attempting to backup or create a portable file (.qbm)
  • Cause 2:your QuickBooks installation is damaged
  • Cause 3:you were attempting to open a portable file (.qbm) but QuickBooks wasn’t open
  • Cause 4:the QuickBooks company file extension was changed or is the wrong type

Variation 2

Error: “80070057 the parameter is incorrect” and “You do not have sufficient permissions to delete files…”

There are two known causes for this error. And they are:

  • Cause 1:this error might occur if a user attempts to launch QuickBooks by double-clicking on a company file (.qbw) rather than opening the file from inside QuickBooks Desktop
  • Cause 2:it may also occur if, by default BitDefender is blocking certain ports that QuickBooks uses to exchange data. QuickBooks Desktop 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014 use the database service running on the host computer. This database service communicates through ports 56727 (2017), 56726 (2016), 56725 (2015) and 56724 (2014) respectively. BitDefender blocks these ports by default.

Variation 3

Error: “80070057, the parameter is incorrect. There was an unexpected error reported while trying to run QuickBooks with company file [path and name].”The cause for this variation of the error is unknown.

Variation 4

Error: “80070057: parameter is incorrect”. This error has the following cause:

Cause 1: It comes when you click on a QBB, QBM, QBW, ND, or TLG file from a Google search timeline.

This is an uncommon error and it is advisable to take the necessary steps immediately

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